The Power of Choice

Coders are constrained in the way they express themselves by the language they are using. Different languages have different strengths and weaknesses, but expert coders are often unable to choose a programming language or library with the combination of strengths they desire. There are many scenarios that produce this result...

Loyc is about finding ways to bring the world's programming languages closer together, looking for ways to solve problems like these with as little code as possible, and making developers more productive by giving them options they've never had before.

About Loyc

Language of Your Choice (Loyc) is a group of projects related to cross-language interoperability:

Loyc is in its infancy, and probably will remain so until I attract either (A) volunteers to work on its components, or (B) a major sponsor. Current and potential Loyc projects include:

At the moment, Loyc is limited to the .NET platform. Loyc has several general-purpose "core" libraries that you can read about at

Loyc is a concept with many parts and potential parts, and I am looking feverishly for volunteers to help create these parts. You can reach me at, with account name qwertie256.