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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NLeMPThe lexical macro processor. Main classes: LeMP.Compiler and LeMP.MacroProcessor.
 NPreludeDefines prelude macros, which are predefined macros that normally do not have to be explicitly imported before use (in LES or EC#).
 NLoycMain Loyc namespace. This namespace includes all general-purpose code in the Loyc megaproject. It includes the code of Loyc.Essentials.dll and Loyc.Collections.dll (collections, geometry, MiniTest, MessageSink, etc.), and also the code of Loyc.Syntax.dll.
 NCollectionsContains general-purpose interfaces (Loyc.Collections.IListSource{T}, ranges, etc.), collection implementations (Loyc.Collections.DList{T}, Loyc.Collections.WeakValueDictionary{K,V}, etc.), extension methods (Loyc.Collections.LCExt, Loyc.Collections.EnumerableExt, etc.), helper classes (Loyc.Collections.EmptyList{T}, (Loyc.Collections.Repeated{T}, etc.), and adapter classes (Loyc.Collections.ListSlice{T}, Loyc.Collections.BufferedSequence{T}, etc.).
 NImplContains helper classes and base classes for implementing collections (Loyc.Collections.Impl.InternalList{T}, Loyc.Collections.Impl.ListExBase{T}, Loyc.Collections.Impl.ListSourceBase{T}, etc.) Also contains the AList and CPTrie node classes, which perhaps should not be public...
 NCompatibilityImportant interfaces of newer .NET versions than the version for which Loyc was compiled
 NParserEnhanced C# parser
 NGeometryContains math code and data types for processing geometry (points, lines, polygons, etc.). Basic geometry stuff is in Loyc.Essentials.dll, while more advanced algorithms are found in Loyc.Utilities.dll.
 NLLParserGeneratorCode related to LLLPG, the Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator (LLLPG.exe).
 NMathContains general-purpose math algorithms beyond what is provided in the .NET BCL (Base Class Library). Notable class: Math.MathEx.
 NMiniTestA stripped-down NUnit lookalike which allows you to put simple unit tests in an assembly without having to add a reference to NUnit.Framework.dll.
 NSyntaxLoyc.Syntax.dll: contains Loyc trees (Loyc.Syntax.LNode), lexing stuff, LLLPG base classes (BaseParser{T} and BaseLexer), the LES parser and printer, data types related to source code management (e.g. ISourceFile, SourceRange) and other general-purpose code related to the manipulation of syntax
 NLesContains classes related to Loyc Expression Syntax (LES), including the parser and printer (reachable through Loyc.Syntax.Les.LesLanguageService).
 NLexingContains classes related to lexical analysis, such as the universal token type (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.Token) and Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.TokensToTree.
 NThreadingHelper classes for multithreaded code.
 NUtilitiesContains general-purpose classes that are not considered important enough to go directly into the Loyc namespace. Most of the classes in this namespace are defined in Loyc.Utilities.dll.