Hello, no one!

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At this point I have no readership and no one has the foggiest idea what Loyc is, except maybe my non-programmer best friend, Ivan. (In case some random guy reads this, Loyc is the Language of Your Choice, a multi-language compiler that will allow anybody to add new features to existing programming languages.)

Before I try to get anybody on board the project, I need to work out enough design issues to present a reasonable description of its design. I've got some design documents written but not posted on the web yet--I need to re-learn how to upload to sourceforge.net, and the usability of their services is truly awful, at least if one is not a Unix guy. For now I should probably make pages on my local crappy WEBrick server. Then I won't have to upload anything, just move stuff to another folder on my hard drive.

For now you can read the incomplete doc about my extensible expression parser called ONEP. If anyone clicks on that link I'll be shocked, shocked! I'm excited to announce (to my zero readers) that the C# code for BasicOneParser is complete and you can post a message if you want a copy.

Anyway, I bought the domain name loyc.net a few months ago; in fact that's how I chose the name of the project: domains for most acronyms are already taken.