What's wrong with Java

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When I see the features added recently to Java, I'm sure glad I'm using .NET, C# and boo. Even though Java is a lot older than .NET, .NET seems to get the good features first. Care in point: Generics. For a former C++ developer, it seems stupid to give up type-safe collections; I don't know how many years it took before Java got generics (10?) but .NET got them in much less time (less than 4 years, I do believe) and Java was left playing catch-up. In fact, most of the "new" features in Java 5.0 seem to be things that C# had from the beginning:
Java generics aren't even supported by the JVM, so you get the same performance penalty from casting that you did before. I've always been unhappy with Java's performance (especially for GUI programs), whereas .NET just doesn't seem slow.

Look, Sun, if nothing short of competition from Microsoft can prompt you to improve Java, you must not care very much much about it.

Let's see, what else...
Right now I wish I could have the C# 3.0 "var" feature because I'm sick of typing

SomeJerkGaveThisClassALongName foo = new SomeJerkGaveThisClassALongName();

Obviously we should be able to write simply

var foo = new SomeJerkGaveThisClassALongName();

And there's a lot of other great stuff in C# 3.0 [.doc]:
Suddenly, C# is starting to seem a lot more like boo.

Having said all this, there are a couple of things from Java that I might like to have in C#:
And let's see, if I could have some more features I think they would include