Participate in the issues!

So, I’m starting a new job tomorrow, which leaves me several hours to write this post, finish the issue I’m writing on GitHub right now (concurrently with myself over on this page) and maybe fiddle with LES3 a little.

Wow, has it really been two months since I opened issue #79? Anyway, having still not set up an automatic comment system for my blog, the easiest way to allow participation is to just file issues instead. Plus I don’t have to open Git Extensions and push and check if the blog post rendered correctly.

LES3 still nearing completion

LES2 and LES3 are fantastic common languages for prototyping new programming languages, creating DSLs and build systems (which are DSLs), and representing syntax trees. It has no semantics, only syntax - the semantics are up to you; it can be used for OO languages, functional languages, assembly languages, and did I mention DSLs? I designed LES3 to be the text format for WebAssembly, but I always intended for it to be a “universal” language.

I’ve opened several new issues related to LES3. It remains embarrassingly un-finalized but the good news is that anyone still paying attention can chime in if they can think of a new operator or use case.

Here are some recent LES3 issues you might find interesting:

Other stuff

The Loyc libraries (up to and including LeMP.exe) are now available as .NET Standard libraries on NuGet. And the Visual Studio extension works in VS2019.

Want faster generic collection operations? Issue #88 will do that. Also, the new DictionaryEx interface now in preview combines two or three operations in one and is used via extension methods (AddIfNotPresent, AddOrGetExisting, ReplaceIfPresent, SwapIfPresent, SetAndGet)

A bunch of breaking changes are on their way in issue #81: spring cleaning. Though since I’m starting a new job, some of this work may be delayed until… summer? autumn? 2020? But I have already committed some breaking changes on the breaking-changes-2.7 branch.

Similarly I was planning to put up a web page so you can try out LeMP without downloading it, based on Blazor, but… new job, money calls!