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Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgGeneralTestsBase.TestCompiler Class Reference

Source file:
Inheritance diagram for Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgGeneralTestsBase.TestCompiler:
LeMP.TestCompiler LeMP.Compiler

Public Member Functions

 TestCompiler (IMessageSink sink, ICharSource text, string fileName="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.TestCompiler
 TestCompiler (IMessageSink sink, ICharSource text, string fileName="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Compiler
 Compiler (IMessageSink sink, Type prelude=null, bool registerEcsAndLes=true)
 Compiler (IMessageSink sink, Type prelude, IEnumerable< InputOutput > sourceFiles)
BMultiMap< string, string > ProcessArguments (IList< string > args, bool warnAboutUnknownOptions, bool autoOpenInputFiles, IList< string > inputFiles=null)
 Processes command-line arguments to build a BMultiMap and sends those options to the other overload of this method. More...
bool ProcessArguments (BMultiMap< string, string > options, bool warnAboutUnknownOptions, IList< string > inputFiles=null)
 Processes all standard command-line arguments from KnownOptions, except –help. More...
void AddStdMacros ()
 Adds standard macros from LeMP.StdMacros.dll, and adds the namespaces LeMP and LeMP.Prelude to the pre-opened namespace list. More...
void CompleteInputOutputOptions ()
 Fills in all fields of Files that are still null, based on the command-line options. Calling this is optional, since Run() calls it anyway. More...
void CompleteInputOutputOptions (InputOutput file)
bool AddMacros (Assembly assembly)
void Run ()
 Runs the MacroProcessor on all input Files. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public fields inherited from LeMP.TestCompiler
StringBuilder Output
VList< LNodeResults
- Public fields inherited from LeMP.Compiler
List< InputOutputFiles
bool Parallel = true
string IndentString = "\t"
string NewlineString = "\n"
MacroProcessor MacroProcessor
IParsingService InLang
LNodePrinter OutLang
string OutExt
bool ForceInLang
- Public static fields inherited from LeMP.Compiler
static InvertibleSet< string > TwoArgOptions = new InvertibleSet<string>(new[] { "macros" })
static Dictionary< char, string > ShortOptions
static MMap< string, Pair
< string, string > > 
- Properties inherited from LeMP.Compiler
IMessageSink Sink [get, set]
int MaxExpansions [get, set]
TimeSpan AbortTimeout [get, set]
bool Verbose [get]
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.TestCompiler
static void Test (string input, string output, IMessageSink sink, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
static string StripExtraWhitespace (string a, string[] commentPrefixes=null)
 Strips whitespace and single-line comments from a string. Helps test whether two blocks of code are "sufficiently equal". More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Compiler
static void Main (string[] args)
static void WarnAboutUnknownOptions (BMultiMap< string, string > options, IMessageSink sink, IDictionary< string, Pair< string, string >> knownOptions)
static bool MaybeShowHelp (ICollection< KeyValuePair< string, string >> options, ICollection< KeyValuePair< string, Pair< string, string >>> knownOptions, TextWriter @out=null)
static void ShowHelp (IEnumerable< KeyValuePair< string, Pair< string, string >>> knownOptions, TextWriter @out=null, bool includeUsageLine=true)
static List< InputOutputOpenSourceFiles (IMessageSink sink, IEnumerable< string > fileNames)
 Opens a set of source files by file name, and creates a text file for each. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LeMP.TestCompiler
override void WriteOutput (InputOutput io)