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EnumeratorFrame< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   InputBox (System.Windows.Forms)   LlpgBugsAndSlugs (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Repeated< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
ExceptionExt (Loyc)   InputOutput (LeMP)   LlpgGeneralTestsBase (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ReverseBinumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
AList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ExpectedExceptionAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   CPIntTrie< TValue >.IntEnumerator (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LlpgHelpers (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ReversedList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
AListBase< K, T > (Loyc.Collections)   EzStopwatch (Loyc)   InternalDList< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LlpgTestLargerExamples (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ReversedListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
AListBase< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
InternalList (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LNode (Loyc.Syntax)   Rule (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
AListIndexer< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   InternalList< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LNodeExt (Loyc.Syntax)   RuleRef (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
AListInnerBase< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   FindAndReplaceForm (TextEditor)   InternalSet< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LNodeFactory (Loyc.Syntax)   RunTests (Loyc.MiniTest)   
AListLeaf< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   FPI16 (Loyc.Math)   InternalSetStats (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   LNodeVisitor (Loyc.Syntax)   
AListNode< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   FPI23 (Loyc.Math)   IntRange (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   LocalizableAttribute (Loyc)   
AListReverseView< K, T > (Loyc.Collections)   FPI8 (Loyc.Math)   IntSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Localize (Loyc)   BaseParser< Token, MatchType >.SavePosition (Loyc.Syntax)   
AListTreeObserverExt (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   FPL16 (Loyc.Math)   IntStreamCodeGenHelper (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   LogException (Loyc)   BaseLexer< CharSrc >.SavePosition (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
Alts (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   FPL32 (Loyc.Math)   INumTraits< T > (Loyc.Math)   LogMessage (Loyc)   SCell (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   
AltsA (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   FVList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   InvalidStateException (Loyc)   CPIntTrie< TValue >.LongEnumerator (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   ScratchBuffer< T > (Loyc.Threading)   
AndPred (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   FWList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   InvertibleSet< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
SelectListSource< T, TResult > (Loyc.Collections)   
ArrayOf4< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
IOneProvider< T > (Loyc.Math)   SelectNegLists< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
ArraySlice< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IOrdered< T > (Loyc.Math)   MacroContext (LeMP)   SelectNegListSources< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
Assert (Loyc.MiniTest)   G (Loyc)   IParsingService (Loyc.Syntax)   MacroInfo (LeMP)   Seq (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
AssertionException (Loyc.MiniTest)   Gate (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IPGCodeGenHelper (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   MacroProcessor (LeMP)   Set< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
AutoValueSaverVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   GeneralCodeGenHelper (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IPGTerminalSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Macros (Loyc.LLPG)   SetUpAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   
LLParserGenerator.GenerateCodeVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IPoint3< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   Map< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   SeverityMessageFilter (Loyc)   
LLParserGenerator.GetCanonical (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IPoint3Base< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MapOrMMap< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   SimpleCache< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
BaseDictionary< TKey, TValue > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   Globals (TextEditor)   IPoint3Reader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   Math128 (Loyc.Math)   SimpleTimer (Loyc.Utilities)   
BaseILexer< CharSrc, Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   GoAliasAttribute (Loyc.Utilities)   IPoint< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathD (Loyc.Math)   Slice_< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
BaseLexer (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   GoDecoratorFieldAttribute (Loyc.Utilities)   IPointBase< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathEx (Loyc.Math)   SourceFile (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseLexer< CharSrc > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   GoInterface (Loyc.Utilities)   IPointReader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathExtensions (Loyc.Math)   SourceFile< CharSource > (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseParser< Token > (Loyc.Syntax)   GoInterface< Interface > (Loyc.Utilities)   IPop< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathF (Loyc.Math)   SourceFileWithLineRemaps (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseParser< Token, MatchType > (Loyc.Syntax)   GoInterface< Interface, T > (Loyc.Utilities)   IPush< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathF16 (Loyc.Math)   SourcePos (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseParserForList< Token, MatchType > (Loyc.Syntax)   LLParserGenerator.GrammarPos (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IQueue< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathF23 (Loyc.Math)   SourcePosAndIndex (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseParserForList< Token, MatchType, List > (Loyc.Syntax)   GSymbol (Loyc)   IRange< out T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathF8 (Loyc.Math)   SourceRange (Loyc.Syntax)   
BaseParserNoBacktracking< Token > (Loyc.Syntax)   
IRangeEx< R, T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathFL16 (Loyc.Math)   SparseAList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
BaseParserNoBacktracking< Token, Enumerator > (Loyc.Syntax)   IRangeEx< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MathFL32 (Loyc.Math)   SparseAListLeaf< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   
BDictionary< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   HashTags< ValueT > (Loyc)   IRationalMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   MathI (Loyc.Math)   Statistic (Loyc.Utilities)   
BenchmarkAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   HighlightGroup (TextEditor)   IRectangle3< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathI16 (Loyc.Math)   StreamCharSource (Loyc.Syntax)   
Bijection< K1, K2 > (Loyc.Collections)   Holder< T > (Loyc)   IRectangle3Base< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathI8 (Loyc.Math)   StringExt (Loyc)   
BList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
IRectangle3Reader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathL (Loyc.Math)   StringSlice (Loyc.Collections)   
BListLeaf< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IRectangle< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   Maths< T > (Loyc.Math)   SuccessException (Loyc.MiniTest)   
BloomFilterM64K2 (Loyc.Utilities)   IAdd< in T > (Loyc.Collections)   IRectangleBase< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathU (Loyc.Math)   Symbol (Loyc)   
BMultiMap< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   IAdditionGroup< T > (Loyc.Math)   IRectangleReader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MathU16 (Loyc.Math)   SymbolPool (Loyc)   
BoundingBox< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   IAddRange< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IReferenceComparable (Loyc)   MathU8 (Loyc.Math)   SymbolPool< SymbolE > (Loyc)   
BoundingBoxExt (Loyc.Geometry)   IAListTreeObserver< K, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IRing< T > (Loyc.Math)   MathUL (Loyc.Math)   SymbolSet (Loyc)   
BoundingBoxMath (Loyc.Geometry)   IArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISetImm< T > (Loyc.Collections)   Maybe (Loyc)   
BufferedSequence< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IAutoCreatePool< in TKey, out TValue > (Loyc.Collections)   ISetImm< T, SetT > (Loyc.Collections)   Maybe< T > (Loyc)   
BuiltinMacros (LeMP.Prelude)   IAutoSizeArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISetOperations< in T, in InSetT, out OutSetT > (Loyc.Collections)   MemoizedTypeName (Loyc)   TagsInWList< ValueT > (Loyc.Utilities)   
IBinaryMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   ISetOperations< in T, SetT > (Loyc.Collections)   MemoizedTypeName< T > (Loyc)   TearDownAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   
IBinumerable< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISignedMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   MessageFilter (Loyc)   TerminalA (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
CallNode (Loyc.Syntax)   IBinumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISimpleToken (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   MessageHolder (Loyc)   TerminalPred (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
CG (Loyc.Collections)   IBitwise< T > (Loyc.Math)   ISimpleToken< TokenType > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   MessageSink (Loyc)   TestAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   
CheckParam (Loyc)   IBRange< out T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISinkArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MessageSinkFromDelegate (Loyc)   TestCompiler (LeMP)   
Co (Loyc.Utilities)   IBRangeEx< R, T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISinkCollection< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MessageSplitter (Loyc)   LlpgGeneralTestsBase.TestCompiler (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
Co< T > (Loyc.Utilities)   IBRangeEx< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISinkList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   MMap< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   TestException (Loyc.MiniTest)   
CodeGenHelperBase (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ICharSource (Loyc.Collections)   ISize3Reader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   MSet< T > (Loyc.Collections)   TestFixtureAttribute (Loyc.MiniTest)   
CodeSymbols (Loyc.Syntax)   ICloneable< out T > (Loyc)   ISizeReader< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
TestHelpers (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   
CollectionAsReadOnly< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ICollectionAndReadOnly< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISourceFile (Loyc.Syntax)   TestMacros (LeMP.Test)   
CollectionDebugView< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ICollectionEx< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ISparseList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   NegList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   TextEditorSearcher (TextEditor)   
CommentSaver (Loyc.Ecs.Parser)   IComplexMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   ISparseListEx< T > (Loyc.Collections)   NegListSlice< T > (Loyc.Collections)   TextRange (TextEditor)   
Compiler (LeMP)   IConvertTo< T > (Loyc.Math)   ISparseListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   NegListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ThreadEx.ThreadDestructor (Loyc.Threading)   
LLParserGenerator.ComputeNext (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ICount (Loyc.Collections)   IStack< T > (Loyc.Collections)   NestedEnumerable< Frame, T > (Loyc.Collections)   ThreadEx (Loyc.Threading)   
ConcurrentModificationException (Loyc)   IDeque< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ITags< T > (Loyc)   NestedEnumerator< Frame, T > (Loyc.Collections)   ThreadLocalVariable< T > (Loyc.Threading)   
ConsoleMessageSink (Loyc)   IdNode (Loyc.Syntax)   IToken< TT > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   NodePrinterWriterBase (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   ThreadLocalVariableBase (Loyc.Threading)   
ContainsMacrosAttribute (LeMP)   IEnumeratorFrame< Frame, T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   ITrigonometry< T > (Loyc.Math)   NoValue (Loyc)   ThreadStartEventArgs (Loyc.Threading)   
CPByteTrie< TValue > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IExp< T > (Loyc.Math)   IUIntMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   NullMessageSink (Loyc)   TinyReaderWriterLock (Loyc.Threading)   
CPEnumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IField< T > (Loyc.Math)   IZeroProvider< T > (Loyc.Math)   NumRange< Num, Math > (Loyc.Collections)   Token (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
CPIntTrie< TValue > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IFloatMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   
TokenExt (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   
CPStringTrie< TValue > (Loyc.Collections)   IFRange< out T > (Loyc.Collections)   TokenExt (Loyc.Ecs.Parser)   
CPTrie< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IgnoreException (Loyc.MiniTest)   KeyAlreadyExistsException (Loyc.Collections)   AListBase< K, T >.ObserverMgr (Loyc.Collections)   TokenListAsLexer (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
CPValueCollection< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IGoInterfaceWrapper (Loyc.Utilities)   CPStringTrie< TValue >.KeyCollection (Loyc.Collections)   
TokensToTree (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
IHasLocation (Loyc)   KeyCollection< TKey, TValue > (Loyc.Collections)   TokenTree (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
IHasRoot< T > (Loyc.Math)   CPStringTrie< TValue >.KeyEnumerator (Loyc.Collections)   Pair (Loyc)   TraceMessageSink (Loyc)   
LNode.DeepComparer (Loyc.Syntax)   IHasValue< out T > (Loyc)   KeylessHashtable< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   Pair< T1, T2 > (Loyc)   LLParserGenerator.Transition (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
DefaultErrorBranch (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IIncrementer< T > (Loyc.Math)   KeylessHashtable< T, Int, Math > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   ParserSource< Token > (Loyc.Syntax)   Triplet< T1, T2, T3 > (Loyc)   
DefaultNodePrinterWriter (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   IIndexPositionMapper (Loyc.Syntax)   KeyWalker (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   ParserSource< Token, MatchType > (Loyc.Syntax)   TypeExt (Loyc)   
DescendantsFrame (Loyc.Syntax)   IIndexToLine (Loyc.Syntax)   LLParserGenerator.KthSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   ParserSource< Token, MatchType, List > (Loyc.Syntax)   
DictionaryDebugView< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   IIntMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   
ParsingService (Loyc.Syntax)   
DictionaryExt (Loyc.Collections)   IIsEmpty (Loyc.Collections)   PGIntSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   UG (Loyc.Utilities)   
DList (Loyc.Collections)   ILexer< Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   LCExt (Loyc.Collections)   PGNodeSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   UpCastListSource< T, TOut > (Loyc.Collections)   
DList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IListAndListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LCInterfaces (Loyc.Collections)   PGTerminalSet (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   UpCastSource< T, TOut > (Loyc.Collections)   
IListEx< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LempDemoForm (TextEditor)   Point3< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   UString (Loyc)   
IListRangeMethods< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LempDemoPanel (TextEditor)   Point< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
EcsLanguageService (Loyc.Ecs)   IListSource< out T > (Loyc.Collections)   LesIndentTokenGenerator (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   PointExt (Loyc.Geometry)   
EcsLexer (Loyc.Ecs.Parser)   ILllpgApi< Token, MatchType, LaType > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   LesLanguageService (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   PointMath (Loyc.Geometry)   ValueCollection< TKey, TValue > (Loyc.Collections)   
EcsNodePrinter (Loyc.Ecs)   ILllpgLexerApi< Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   LesLexer (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   PolygonMath (Loyc.Geometry)   ValueComparer< T > (Loyc)   
EcsParser (Loyc.Ecs.Parser)   ILNodeVisitor (Loyc.Syntax)   LesNodePrinter (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   Precedence (Loyc.Syntax)   BMultiMap< K, V >.ValueList (Loyc.Collections)   
EcsPrecedence (Loyc.Ecs)   IMacroContext (LeMP)   LesParser (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   Pred (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Vector3< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
EcsPreprocessor (Loyc.Ecs.Parser)   IMath< T > (Loyc.Math)   LesPrecedence (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   PredA (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Vector3Math< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
EcsValidators (Loyc.Ecs)   IMBinumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LesPrecedenceMap (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   LLParserGenerator.PredictionAnalysisVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   Vector< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
EmptyA (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IMBRange< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LexerSource (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   PredVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   VectorExt (Loyc.Geometry)   
EmptyArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IMEnumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LexerSource< CharSrc > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   Program (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   VectorMath< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   
EmptyEnumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IMessageSink (Loyc)   LexerSourceFile< CharSource > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   Program (TextEditor)   VList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
EmptyList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   IMFRange< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LexerSourceWorkaround< CharSrc > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   ParsingService.PushedCurrent (Loyc.Syntax)   VListBlock< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
EmptySequenceException (Loyc.Collections)   IMRange< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LexerWrapper< Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   MessageSink.PushedCurrent (Loyc)   VListBlockArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
EmptySourceFile (Loyc.Syntax)   IMultiplicationGroup< T > (Loyc.Math)   LexicalMacroAttribute (LeMP)   LNode.PushedPrinter (Loyc.Syntax)   VListBlockOfTwo< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
EndOfRule (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   IMultiply< T > (Loyc.Math)   LineAndCol (Loyc.Syntax)   PushedTLV< T > (Loyc.Threading)   
AListInnerBase< K, T >.Entry (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   InconclusiveException (Loyc.MiniTest)   LineMath (Loyc.Geometry)   
SparseAListLeaf< T >.Entry (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IndentTokenGenerator (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   LineRemapper (Loyc.Syntax)   WeakKeyComparer< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
EnumerableExt (Loyc.Collections)   IndentTokenGenerator< Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   LineSegment3< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   Range (Loyc)   WeakKeyDictionary< TKey, TValue > (Loyc.Collections)   
EnumerationException (Loyc.Collections)   IndexedAList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LineSegment< T > (Loyc.Geometry)   RangeEnumerator< R, T > (Loyc.Collections)   WeakKeyReference< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
AListBase< K, T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   IndexPositionMapper (Loyc.Syntax)   LinqToCollections (Loyc.Collections)   RangeEnumerator< T > (Loyc.Collections)   WeakReferenceExt (Loyc)   
CPByteTrie< TValue >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   IndexPositionMapper< CharSource > (Loyc.Syntax)   ListAsListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   RangeExt (Loyc.Collections)   WeakValueDictionary< K, V > (Loyc.Collections)   
CPStringTrie< TValue >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INegArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ListChangeInfo< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ReadOnlyAsCollection< T > (Loyc.Collections)   WhitespaceFilter (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
InternalSet< T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   INegAutoSizeArray< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ListExBase< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   ReadOnlyCollectionBase< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   WhitespaceFilter< Token > (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
NumRange< Num, Math >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INegDeque< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ListExt (Loyc.Collections)   ReadOnlyException (Loyc)   WhitespaceTag (Loyc.Syntax.Lexing)   
Set< T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INegListSource< T > (Loyc.Collections)   ListSlice< T > (Loyc.Collections)   Rectangle3Ext (Loyc.Geometry)   WList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
FVList< T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INewPoint3< Point, T > (Loyc.Geometry)   ListSourceAsList< T > (Loyc.Collections)   RectangleExt (Loyc.Geometry)   WListBase< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
VList< T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INewPoint< Point, T > (Loyc.Geometry)   ListSourceAsSparse< T > (Loyc.Collections)   RecursivePredVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   WListProtected< T > (Loyc.Collections)   
ValueCollection< TKey, TValue >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INewRectangle3< Rect, T > (Loyc.Geometry)   ListSourceBase< T > (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   RecursiveRefA (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   WrapperBase< T > (Loyc)   
KeyCollection< TKey, TValue >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections)   INewRectangle< Rect, T > (Loyc.Geometry)   ListSourceDebugView< T > (Loyc.Collections)   RecursiveReplacementPredVisitor (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   
InternalDList< T >.Enumerator (Loyc.Collections.Impl)   INodePrinterWriter (Loyc.Syntax.Les)   LiteralNode (Loyc.Syntax)   ReferenceComparer< T > (Loyc)   
EnumeratorBase< T > (Loyc.Collections)   INotifyListChanging< T > (Loyc.Collections)   LLParserGenerator (Loyc.LLParserGenerator)   RegionFoldingStrategy (TextEditor)   void (Loyc)   
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