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Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgHelpers Class Reference

Helper methods for making LLLPG grammar nodes. Used by LlpgCoreTests. More...

Source file:

Inherited by Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgCoreTests.


Helper methods for making LLLPG grammar nodes. Used by LlpgCoreTests.


static TerminalPred AnyCh [get]
static TerminalPred AnyNode [get]

Protected Member Functions

Seq Seq ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static Symbol _ (string symbol)
static Alts Star (Pred contents, bool?greedy=null)
static Alts Opt (Pred contents, bool?greedy=null)
static Seq Plus (Pred contents, bool?greedy=null)
static Gate Gate (Pred predictor, Pred match)
static TerminalPred R (char lo, char hi)
static TerminalPred C (char ch)
static TerminalPred Cs (params char[] chars)
static TerminalPred Set (string set)
static TerminalPred Lit (params object[] s)
static TerminalPred Lit (object s)
static TerminalPred Sym (params string[] s)
static TerminalPred Sym (string s)
static TerminalPred Id (params string[] s)
static TerminalPred Id (string s)
static TerminalPred NotSym (params Symbol[] s)
static TerminalPred NotId (params string[] s)
static AndPred And (LNode test)
static AndPred And (Pred test)
static AndPred And (string ident)
static AndPred AndNot (LNode test)
static AndPred AndNot (Pred test)
static AndPred AndNot (string ident)
static RuleRef Call (Rule rule, params LNode[] args)
static Seq Seq (string s)
static Pred Set (string varName, Pred pred)
static Pred SetVar (string varName, Pred pred)
static Pred AddSet (string varName, Pred pred)
static LNode Stmt (string code)
static LNode Expr (string code)
static Rule Rule (string name, Pred contents, Symbol mode=null, int k=0)

Protected static fields

static LNodeFactory F = new LNodeFactory(new EmptySourceFile("Plain-C# Grammar"))
static Symbol Token = _("Token")
static Symbol Start = _("Start")
static Symbol Private = _("Private")