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Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgTestLargerExamples Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ParseEmails ()
void CalculatorLexerLes ()
void CalculatorRunnerLes ()
void ScannerlessExpressionParser ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgGeneralTestsBase
void DualLanguageTest (string inputLES, string inputECS, string expected, IMessageSink sink=null)
void Test (string input, string expected, IMessageSink sink=null, IParsingService parser=null)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgGeneralTestsBase
static string StripExtraWhitespace (string a)
- Protected fields inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LlpgGeneralTestsBase
IMessageSink _sink = new SeverityMessageFilter(MessageSink.Console, Severity.Debug)