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Loyc.Collections.Impl.IEnumeratorFrame< Frame, T > Interface Template Reference

Helper interface for NestedEnumerator{Frame, T}. More...

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Collections.Impl.IEnumeratorFrame< Frame, T >:
Loyc.Collections.Impl.EnumeratorFrame< T >


Helper interface for NestedEnumerator{Frame, T}.

Template Parameters
FrameA data type that implements this interface.
TType of items enumerated by this interface.
Type Constraints
Frame :IEnumeratorFrame 
Frame :Frame 
Frame :T 

Public Member Functions

int MoveNext (ref Frame frame, ref T current)
 Enumerates the next item, or the next child collection. More...

Member Function Documentation

int Loyc.Collections.Impl.IEnumeratorFrame< Frame, T >.MoveNext ( ref Frame  frame,
ref T  current 

Enumerates the next item, or the next child collection.

frameCurrent frame (on entry, 'frame' is the same as 'this'). To begin enumerating a child frame, this method must change 'frame' to the desired child frame and return -1.
currentCurrent item (on entry, 'current' is value most recently enumerated by NestedEnumerator{Frame,T}.) To enumerate an item, MoveNext must change the value of 'current' and return 1.
1 to enumerate 'current', 0 when there are no more items in this frame's sequence, and any other value to enumerate a child frame.