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Loyc.ICloneable< out T > Interface Template Reference

Interface for types that can duplicate themselves. More...

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.ICloneable< out T >:
Loyc.Collections.AList< T > Loyc.Collections.AListBase< T > Loyc.Collections.ArraySlice< T > Loyc.Collections.BDictionary< K, V > Loyc.Collections.BList< T > Loyc.Collections.DList< T > Loyc.Collections.FVList< T > Loyc.Collections.FWList< T > Loyc.Collections.IBRange< out T > Loyc.Collections.IBRangeEx< T > Loyc.Collections.IFRange< out T > Loyc.Collections.Impl.InternalDList< T > Loyc.Collections.Impl.InternalList< T > Loyc.Collections.IRange< out T > Loyc.Collections.IRangeEx< T > Loyc.Collections.ListSlice< T > Loyc.Collections.MMap< K, V > Loyc.Collections.MSet< T > Loyc.Collections.NegListSlice< T > Loyc.Collections.Slice_< T > Loyc.Collections.SparseAList< T > Loyc.Collections.StringSlice Loyc.Collections.VList< T > Loyc.Collections.WList< T > Loyc.Geometry.BoundingBox< T > Loyc.LLParserGenerator.LLParserGenerator.Transition Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred Loyc.MessageHolder Loyc.Syntax.DescendantsFrame Loyc.Syntax.Les.LesLexer Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.IToken< TT > Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.TokenTree Loyc.Syntax.LNode Loyc.UString


Interface for types that can duplicate themselves.

Template Parameters
TNormally T is the type that implements this interface.

Public Member Functions

Clone ()