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Loyc.Math.IBitwise< T > Interface Template Reference

Provides the standard set of bitwise operators. More...

Source file:
Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Math.IBitwise< T >:
Loyc.Math.IZeroProvider< T > Loyc.Math.IOneProvider< T > Loyc.Math.IBinaryMath< T > Loyc.Math.IIntMath< T > Loyc.Math.IUIntMath< T > Loyc.Math.MathF16 Loyc.Math.MathF23 Loyc.Math.MathF8 Loyc.Math.MathFL16 Loyc.Math.MathFL32 Loyc.Math.MathI Loyc.Math.MathI16 Loyc.Math.MathI8 Loyc.Math.MathL Loyc.Math.MathU Loyc.Math.MathU16 Loyc.Math.MathU8 Loyc.Math.MathUL


Provides the standard set of bitwise operators.

Template Parameters
TAn integer or bit array type.

Public Member Functions

And (T a, T b)
Or (T a, T b)
Xor (T a, T b)
Not (T a)

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Loyc.Math.IZeroProvider< T >
Zero [get]
 Returns the "zero" or additive identity of this type. More...
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Math.IOneProvider< T >
One [get]
 Returns the "one" or identity value of this type. More...