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Loyc.Geometry.IRectangle< T > Interface Template Reference

Represents a mutable 2D rectangle. More...

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Geometry.IRectangle< T >:
Loyc.Geometry.IRectangleBase< T > Loyc.Geometry.INewRectangle< Rect, T > Loyc.Geometry.IRectangleReader< T > Loyc.Geometry.ISizeReader< T > Loyc.Geometry.BoundingBox< T >


Represents a mutable 2D rectangle.

This interface is separated into two bases, IRectangleBase{T} and INewRectangle{R,T}, for the same reason that IPoint{T}'s coordinates are divided into IPointBase{T} and INewPoint{P,T}, as explained in the documentation of IPoint{T}.

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Loyc.Geometry.IRectangleReader< T >
X1 [get]
Y1 [get]
X2 [get]
Y2 [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Geometry.ISizeReader< T >
Width [get]
 Gets the width of a rectangle (the difference between X coordinates). More...
Height [get]
 Gets the height of a rectangle (the difference between Y coordinates). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Geometry.IRectangleBase< T >
void SetXAndWidth (T x, T width)
void SetYAndHeight (T y, T height)
void SetXRange (T x1, T x2)
void SetYRange (T x1, T x2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Geometry.INewRectangle< Rect, T >
Rect NewRect (T x, T y, T width, T height)
Rect NewRange (T x1, T y1, T x2, T y2)