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Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.IToken< TT > Interface Template Reference

The methods of Token in the form of an interface. More...

Source file:
Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.IToken< TT >:
Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.ISimpleToken< TokenType > Loyc.ICloneable< out T > Loyc.IHasValue< out T > Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.Token


The methods of Token in the form of an interface.

Template Parameters
TTToken Type: the data type of the Type property of ISimpleToken{LaType} (one often uses int).


int Length [get]
TokenKind Kind [get]
IListSource< IToken< TT > > Children [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Lexing.ISimpleToken< TokenType >
TokenType Type [get]
 The category of the token (integer, keyword, etc.) used as the primary value for identifying the token in a parser. More...
int StartIndex [get]
 Character index where the token starts in the source file. More...
- Properties inherited from Loyc.IHasValue< out T >
Value [get]

Public Member Functions

IToken< TT > WithType (int type)
IToken< TT > WithValue (object value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.ICloneable< out T >
Clone ()